Sunday, January 5, 2014

One of my dreams or things on my bucket list is to publish a child's picture book. I have worked on this for several years off and on. It is so hard to get a book published!  I would become discouraged and stop working on this dream.
 I guess I would get busy with life again. I am an elementary library media specialist and have been reading books to my students for over twenty-two years. As I read some really good books I would be encouraged to write again. I have also read some picture books and thought I know that I could do better.

I began writing about adventures of my son and daughter. Now I have three wonderful grandchildren that do some of the funniest things. My granddaughter is my co-author. Kaylie is eight and in the third grade. This is our thing that we do without the boys. One morning we shared the same chair as I drank coffee. We talked of how sad it was that Barbara Parks had passed away. Kaylie and I love Junie B. Jones books. As we talked an idea was born of books that we could write. Bogie Boy is Kaylie's Chi-Pom and the love of her life. We started brainstorming possible titles for Bogie Boy Adventures and in a short time we had quiet a list. About a week later, I received at call from Kaylie at 5:30 in the morning. She was the only one up at her house so she called because she knew that I am an early raiser. In a little over an hour together on the phone we had the first draft for a Bogie Boy book. This is how the adventure begins. Stay tune for more updates.